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At Olsson’s, we have supplements for almost any condition livestock can face here in Australia. Which means that we have a lot of blocks. It can be difficult knowing which supplement is the right one to use, especially when you may not know what your livestock are deficient in to begin with.

For northern livestock, we have streamlined this process by creating Olsson’s Free Choice Supplementation System. Studies have found all ruminants need a source of protein (nitrogen), a source of sulphur, a source of trace elements, and for livestock in the North, a source of phosphorus in order to be at their most productive. However, the amount required of each of these nutrients varies depending on the season, the pasture condition, location within Australia, and the animal’s physiological condition (pregnancy, lactation etc.). So we have placed these major minerals in individual supplement blocks, allowing livestock to choose which minerals they need, as they need them.

The beauty of this system is that the animals will only consume the nutrients they need and nothing more, avoiding over-consumption and the wasted money that goes along with it.

For more information on our Free Choice System for northern Australia click here. Otherwise browse our extensive range of livestock nutrition by alphabetical order or by animal. For more information on what you should be using feel free to contact our livestock nutritionists at or call us on 1800 804 096.

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