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Browse the following articles for information and resources on specific conditions livestock may face. For more information on which products to use contact our livestock nutritionists at or call us on 1800 804 096.


Ruminal tympany, commonly known as bloat, is a digestive disorder of ruminants that occurs when the gas produced during normal rumination is trapped and cannot be expelled by belching. If untreated, this condition can be fatal.


Toxic plant solutions. Ingesting fluoroacetate containing plants causes hypocalcemia (low calcium levels), hypoglycemia (low energy levels), and interferes with acid & ammonia balance. Each of these symptoms on their own can be detrimental to ruminants, and in combination are deadly.

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By feeding the Free Choice program over a standard multi-nutrient block, the animal has the ability to choose and balance what they require- this ends up reducing consumption by up to 25%

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Urea maximises the benefits of poor-quality grazing by optimising digestion. The aim is to improve the rumen function and therefore the animal’s performance.

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