British breed and cross-breed sheep are more susceptible to copper poisoning than merinos and often do not require extra copper in their diets. For these sheep stressful events such as shearing tend to trigger copper release (toxicity). The Ewe Beauty 365 - No Copper block has all the benefits of balanced trace minerals, we have simply leaving the copper out to ensure these sheep are not subject to copper poisoning.
This supplement supports both rams & ewes for greater conception rates, wool growth and milk production. Added benefits include increasing lambing percentage and lambing survival rates, and decreasing stock loss, while providing optimal feed conversion.
Ewe Beauty 365 No Copper block form is weather resistant and regulates the intake of nutrients, meaning the sheep can only consume nutrients as fast as they can absorb them. This leads to healthier animals, and a healthier wallet.
All Ewe Beauty blocks now contain 1% magnesium.

Available in 20kg blocks

To order please email us at blocksales@olssons.com.au.