Stubbles are a feed source that starts as high quality but depletes quickly (as the sheep clean up the spilt grain) so producers need to keep this characteristic in mind to ensure a good source of nutrition is maintained. Olsson’s Ewe Beauty Dry Feed & Stubbles is a high protein, multi nutrient supplement specifically for use with stubbles & during the dry season. Like Ewe Beauty All Seasons it contains a balanced array of trace elements, vitamins & minerals, providing targeted supplementation for sheep. It supports bone development, milk production, wool growth & reproductivity. Added benefits include increasing lambing survival rates, decreasing stock loss, and providing optimal feed conversion.
Olsson’s Ewe Beauty Dry Feed & Stubbles also contains 9% urea, improving the rate of digestion, resulting in increased consumption & conversion of available feed.
Ewe Beauty Dry Feed & Stubbles’ block form regulates the intake of nutrients, meaning the sheep can only consume nutrients as fast as they can absorb them. This leads to healthier animals, and a healthier wallet.
Warning: Products containing urea can be toxic to livestock. Please ensure proper farm management practices are employed.

Available in 20kg blocks

To order please email us at blocksales@olssons.com.au.